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The Bunny Hop Hunt 2 - April 2020

Start Date: 
Apr. 1st 2020
End Date: 
Apr. 14th 2020

The Bunny Hop will feature approximately 50 high quality brands.

Each store will hide up to 10 colored eggs on the Monstera region for 25L or less.

Hunt keys will be available so guests can see the prizes before deciding to play the game.

The hunt features a mix of content, with all product types welcome for all genders / avatar types.

We hope you hop on board!

♥ ~50 participating stores.
♥ This is NOT a mainstore / teleport hunt.
♥ All prizes can be found on the Monstera region.
♥ We do not offer hints or clues. Camming skills a +.
♥ Difficulty Level: HARD
♥ Each store has hidden 5-10 prizes
♥ Each prize is 25L or less!
♥ Decoys are allowed. 0L empty or gift inside.
♥ Pick up hunt keys above, in group notices, landing point & Facebook.

It is up to you to hunt down as many eggs as your baskets will hold! Join the inworld group for update notices and chatter. Follow on Facebook to track upcoming events and share TR events with your friends!

Hop along! You have lots of goodies to find!

Join the inworld group to stay up to date!

♥ March 31st : TR Events Group Early Access

And here is a video, where Toxxic is letting you watch her building the event place:

This Event is brought to you by:
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TR Events

TR Events is founded and operated by Toxxic Rhiannyr and is focused mainly on organizing fun and high quality hunts in Second Life...

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