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The Crystal Blossom Festival - June 2024

Start Date: 
Jun. 16th 2024
End Date: 
Jun. 30th 2024
Starting at: 12 AM SLT

Step into a dreamscape where fairy tales collide with the mesmerizing beats of vapor-wave, unveiling a realm of wonder and enchantment.

Partake in thrilling contests, engage in games, embark on a captivating scavenger hunt, and lose yourself in the melodies of talented musicians gracing the stage.

What truly sets this festival apart is its unique theme, aptly named "Fairy-wave." This innovative concept seamlessly combines the enchanting aesthetics of fairytales with the retro-futuristic vibes of synthwave.

The festival grounds offer picturesque views, creating a perfect backdrop for guests to wander, capture stunning photos, and immerse themselves in the magical ambiance.

The Crystal Blossom Festival promises a memorable and immersive experience, blending creativity, entertainment, and a celebration of the fantastical

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