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The Fourth Wall by Joanna Kitten @ Nitroglobus Gallery - July / August 2023

Start Date: 
Jul. 3rd 2023
End Date: 
Aug. 14th 2023
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

Joanna Kitten is back @ Nitroglobus with 'the Fourth Wall', and this time in the main hall of the gallery.

Event Description by the artist:

“ These images were all made in my own studio and loosely themed around an imaginary photo shoot. They are in a way and attempt to breach the fourth wall by trying to break down the conceptual wall between the picture and the artifice used to obtain it.
Breaking the fourth wall means doing or saying something that either explicitly or implicitly acknowledges the artificiality of the environment and the fact that both the presenters and audience are aware of that artificiality. This is a wider comment I think on art in Second Life as a whole, which is by its very nature an artificial environment.

These images are more personal than my previous works. Some asking questions about the way I live my Second Life. However, they are a continuation of the style in my previous exhibition at Nitroglobus; i.e. all monochrome, utilizing strong directional lighting and blurred backgrounds. The pictures tend to be high in contrast and grainy, and with a vintage/noir feel to them.”

Opening party will be:
Monday, 3 July, 12 PM SLT
music by the hEIN!
Particles by Kurk Mumfuzz


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