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The Horse Show Sales Event - September / October 2021

Start Date: 
Sep. 18th 2021
End Date: 
Oct. 2nd 2021
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

The Horse Show's second annual event will feature new creations for Teegle horses, Jinx centaurs, and for general equestrian life!

Featuring everything you need for your ideal equestrian lifestyle in Second Life, including equestrian wear, barn and stable decor, as well as skins and accessories for your animesh Teeglepet horses, Teegle bento horse avatars and JINX Centaur!

The event will introduce two highly anticipated new Teegle horses; the Tennessee Walking Horse and American Saddlebred Horse.

There will be live performances by members of the equestrian community at the event arena, as well as a One Of A Kind auction!

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