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Tia Rungray - LIVE: Ghostmarch - September 2022

Start Date: 
Sep. 17th 2022
End Date: 
Sep. 26th 2022
Starting at: 8 AM SLT

Tia Rungray has taken a year from conception and six months from the start of production to realize a new 'experience' unprecedented in the virtual space 'Second Life'.

'LIVE: Ghostmarch' is based on the concept of 'being close to those who are tormented by regret and anxiety caused by the instability of the social situation' from the album 'Ghostmarch' released on 5 Aug 2022, and he will perform live for 60 minutes, including his past original songs.

It will be performed twice on 24 Sept, together with real-time video projections by Hebeerryke Caravan.

(1st Show) Sept 24th 06:00 AM SLT - 07:00 AM SLT
(2nd Show) Sept 24th 11:00 AM SLT - 12:00 AM SLT

So enjoy a new experience with their synchronized music and video.

You can also shop at the sponsor brands' stalls in the shopping area during the public opening of the venue on 17 Sept from 07:00 AM PDT.

So please enjoy shopping there as well.

Our friends at: Tia Rungray - LIVE: Ghostmarch - September 2022
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