Tlalli the Fair Around the World France December 2019
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Tlalli - The Fair Around the World - December 2019

Start Date: December 10, 2019 - End Date: December 28, 2019
Starting at : 2 PM SLT

Tlalli is a new quaterly thematic fair celebrating the beauty of all nations, cultures and lands.

The theme of the second round is France, well known for it's fashion, cuisine and beau arts.

Well known designers and shops wait for you with event specials, deals and fresh offers matching the theme.

Attention: The Event starts with a pre-opening party on December 9th from 2 PM SLT to 8 PM SLT with the following DJ's:
  • Dj Lichi Moonwall
  • DJ Lau Cedrus
  • Dj Noz Salas
  • Dj German Asumare
  • Dj Posesiva Ella
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