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TrekFEST Cosmic Rift Dance Party! - September 2023

Start Date: 
Sep. 8th 2023
End Date: 
Sep. 8th 2023
Starting at: 7 PM SLT

Space. These are the voyages of the Cosmic Rift Dance Party.

Its ongoing mission: to play ancient Terran music from the 20th Century, melodies that transcend you, and take you to another place and time.

Captain's Log: Starting off TrekFEST on Star Trek Day will be DJ 'Naida Starchild' and Host 'Evey Riley' with their ‘Trek themed ‘Cosmic Rift’ set on Friday night starting at 7pm SLT/PDT, at Club Latinum.

Dress is casually Trekkie! Set coordinates, and beam over at warp speed.

TrekFEST continues on Saturday Sep 9th, noon to 4pm.

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