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United Federation Starfleet - Springfest - March / April 2021

Start Date: 
Mar. 27th 2021
End Date: 
Apr. 4th 2021
Starting at: 12 PM SLT

United Federation Starfleet - Springfest  is a 9-day Fundraiser for Relay for Life in Second Life, sponsored by United Federation Starfleet RP Group.

Join the Springfest with many DJ's, speeches, discussions about Star Trek and meet other Science Fiction and Star Trek enthusiasts in Second Life®

Check the following sessions:

“Wake up with UFS”
Sun Apr 4, 9am - 10am SLT

The final day of SpringFest! Join DJ Toocool for a final Fest episode of Starfleet Radio! She'll spin some great tunes and take your requests.

“Easter Dance!”
Sun Apr 4, 10am - noon SLT

Time to haul out your Easter bonnet - helmet - cap - hat - fancy headgear!! This is the final SpringFest event, bring your lighters and sway to the music of DJ Hal as it close down the Festival stage with this final dance of the week!

There will be a prize for best in theme. Dress is casually bunny!!

Sun Apr 4, 12noon to 1pm
A beautiful particle light show created by Mansoor RC just for this event!

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