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April 15, 2019 in
There exists an abundance of Tutorials and Blogs with info's about Second Life and Virtual Worlds. We picked a selection of the most relevant ones for you to make it easier to get around.

We might all know the Second Life® Community Site and Second Life® Wiki as a way to find some help.

But there are more highly recommendable sources, made by residents like you and me. which could be interesting and relevant for you, whether you just get started or just want to know something more specific and in depth. I wished I would have found them easier and earlier.

Find below a short list to some very informative news sources and tutorials to make things easier for you:

Second Life:

  • Machinimatrix

    • One of the best sources for Second Life® related Blender 3D Tutorials. As creator of the great Blender 3D plugins like Avastar and Sparkles you get some very reliable and tested  Blender/SL know how.
  • Gridsurvey

    • Lots of statistics and metrics from SL provided by Tyche Shepherd
  • Strawberry Singh

    • Probably the most famous SL and Sansar related Blog with lots of everything around SL and also a lot of good tutorial videos. It's so good that Strawberry recently has been hired by Linden Lab as their Marketing Content Specialist. Congratulations!
  • Mesh Body Addicts

    • Focused on everything about the SL mesh avatars - a great starting point if you want to transform from the default avatar to a mesh avatar
  • New World Notes from James Wagner Au

    • News and Interviews in and around Second Life®
  • Living in a modern world by Inara Pey

    • Also covers News about Linden Lab's youngest brain child, Sansar
  • Daniel Voyager

    • one of the earliest blogs about Second Life®, now also covering OpenSim and Sansar
  • The Second Live® Marketplace

    • The SL Marketplace is the place to go when you want to buy any kind of goods for your SL. Be aware to check about the quality of the shop and products before you buy, test the demos and granted rights on the products.
      While this is an official Site run by Linden Labs, all the content offered on the SL Marketplace is made by SL residents and the older ones among us might still remember the days of xStreetSL, how the marketplace was named before the acquisition by Linden Lab in 2009


  • Sinespace

    • Sinespace is a relative young virtual world, founded by longtime Secondlifer Adam Frisby. With many similarities to Second Life® the Sinespace Viewer is based on unity 3d technology and delivers an up to par experience with modern games VR capabilities. Have a look - it's free! The platform can be accessed through PC, Mac, Linux, VR headsets, WebGL and Mobile.
  • Hypergrid Business

    • A wealth of informations about Opensimulator and alternative Virtual Worlds like Kitely, OSGrid and many others.
  • Upsider Magazine

    • Futurism / Future Tech with a focus at the more positive visions and sides of new technologies.


  • The official Second Life YouTube Channel

    • A wealthy archive of of videos/machinimas covering the many years and progresses of Second Life® as well as some quick starts and community tutorials. They get you started easy if you are a new Resident, but also are a good source to refresh your know how if you have been on hiatus for a while.
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