The GridAffairs Events HUD has arrived!

April 25, 2019 in |
What if you could teleport to your favorite Events with a simple click? We asked us the same question and then developed for you the GridAffairs Events HUD.

The Web is not enough! What if you could teleport to your favorite Events with a simple click in your viewer?

When using the GridAffairs Site to get from event to event we noticed that this should be made easier. So we started playing around with making a little HUD for personal use. After some extensive testing, also by regular residents who love the SL Event scene and some tweaking here and there, we thought it could be beneficial for everyone.

That's why we made for you a useful non-intrusive teleport HUD that brings you with a click to all the Events we have listed here on GridAffairs. While not in use, it rests hidden behind the small GridAffairs icon on your screen.

Think of it as a mini version of the site. It just displays the current running events and lets you teleport right to the event location without using a browser and going through the Second Life® maps. And best of all - every time you start the HUD or click the GridAffairs Logo in the open HUD it automagically loads all the running events we have listed on

We have a little user manual here and you can get the HUD for free at any of the GridAffairs Subscriber Kiosks around on the Grid.

And of course you can also subscribe to our list without using up some of your precious Inworld groups directly from the HUD, not having to search first for a Kiosk and if you ever get the feeling to unsubscribe, you can do it via the HUD  or simply at any of the Kiosks, also accessible via the HUD.

You will find the actual list of all the Inworld locations where you can get the GridAffairs Events HUD Inworld here at our friends places and stores.

So feel free to grab the HUD anytime and have a list of the best actual running events just a mouse click away.

The GridAffairs Events HUD is copy/transfer so you can freely share it with your friends.


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