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Frequently asked Questions

How can I get an Event listed?

Please use the instructions and template here

How can I receive The Weekly GridAffairs News

Simply join our subscriber Group.

To join the Subscriber Group visit one of the places listed here,

Click on the teleport link, which brings you near to a subscriber kiosk where you can join the group

Why are some Events not listed on GridAffairs?

Event listings on GridAffairs are Free!

While we try to be as inclusive as possible, we also had to tighten the rules, as people using GridAffairs because they can easy find the quality Events on the site or in our Inworld HUD.

We actively exclude Events/Event Organizers which:
- knowingly promote IP Rights Violators
- are of deceptive nature
- use bots to manipulate traffic
- don't follow our submission guideline
- are of low quality content and presentation

This means: You CAN'T just buy in to get your events listed - you have to earn it!

We believe SL events should be fun, interesting, focused on quality content and topics.

Another reason can be that we just didn't knew about the event and will gladly correct that as soon as you let us know.

And last but not least - we are humans only and some event maybe just slipped through our fingers. Should you notice this, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can fix it immediately.

Where can I get the GridAffairs Events HUD?

To get the FREE GridAffairs Events HUD just visit one of the places listed here,

Click on the teleport link, which brings you near to a subscriber kiosk where you can get the free HUD

We are not listed as Event Organizers.

If you like to be listed as an Event Organizer, please send a notecard with the following infos:

- Organization Title
- Description
- Logo 512 x 512 px
- Website URL
- Events you organize
- Team Members name and title
- Team Members profile picture 51×512 px

to Juana Villiers.

We will review the application and get in touch with you

Can every Shop be listed here?

We just publish shops that we find participating in events. So if your shop is not yet listed here but you think it should be, then please contact us.

What is the Shop Owner News Group?

The Shop Owner News Group is exclusive for shops listed on GridAffairs and by invitation only.

It will provide Info’s relevant for shop owners, like open event applications or changes on GridAffairs.

If you need an invitation, please send a NC with your info's inworld to Juana Villiers

How can I become a Media Partner

If you are an SL event organizer, shop owner, blogger with your own website/blog you can send a NC with your infos and your 512x512px logo   Inworld to Juana Villiers

Please use as the Title  “Media Partner Application: Your Resident Name”

The GridAffairs Events HUD

How to attach the HUD

Go to your inventory

Right click the object GridAffairs HUD V ** and choose “Add” from the context menu

Alternatively you can also choose “Add to HUD” and choose your attachment point. Preferably you choose one of the corner attachment points like: right top, right bottom, left top or left bottom, as the HUD is designed to work best with those attachment points.

After attaching you will see the GridAffairs HUD icon on your screen.

A click on the icon will maximize the HUD and you can start using it – it’s that easy :-)

How to position the HUD

If you want to move the Hud to a different position on your screen, please follow the easy steps below:

- Right click the HUD
- Choose Edit from the context menu
- Use the arrows that appear to move the HUD vertically and/or horizontally


1 - HUD Button

With a click on the Gridaffairs Icon in the bottom bar you can minimize the HUD

2 - Help Button

You guessed right! The Help / Info button will bring you right to this page :-)

3 - Website Button

With the use of this button you will get right away to the GridAffairs FrontPage, from where you can access the full website

4 - Subscriber Button

This button lets you access the news from our Subscriber Group.

Of course you also can join or leave the group at any time and still use the HUD

5 - The Start Screen

The Start Screen will show only after attaching the HUD or after a relog.

A click on it will load the actual event list

How to use:

6 - Getting back to the main page

A click on the Gridaffairs Logo on the top left of the HUD will always bring you back to the main event list.

7 - The Menu

The Little Hamburger Menu on the top right corner will open a dropdown menu with more options.

Due to some SL cumbersomethies it can happen that you need to click

8 - Search and Filter

You can filter the events by categories. using the drop down or search for an event title by typing the name into the textbox and click on the search button

This might come in handy as the amount of the event listed on GridAffairs is growing

9 - Teleport to the Event

After you have found the event that’s interesting you, of course you want to get there.

Simply click on the event flyer image, the event title or the teleport button.


Event Listing

On GridAffairs we list your events for free if you provide the required infos. 

Please use the template here and follow the instructions

Shop Listing

We list your shop for free, if we see it at an event that is listed on GridAffairs

Shops not participating in events listed on GridAffairs can not get listed.

Featured Events

Our Event Scouts pick events based on the originality of the Logo and attractiveness of the Event.

You can't rent a slot anymore to promote your Event

Featuring your Shop

Shops supporting GridAffairs, by having our new Subscriber Kiosk placed accessible in their store will be featured during the time they have the kiosk rezzed accessible in their store.

The Shops will be featured for FREE in the Shop Directory and in all the Events listed on GridAffairs where the Shop participates, during the time they have the kiosk rezzed at a well visible and accessible place in their store.

Interested? Ask Juana Villiers Inworld by using a notecard.

Advertising on GridAffairs

We don't accept adverts anymore.