Another Earth: Neo Orleans

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Another Earth: Neo Orleans is a fantasy cyberpunk roleplay sim focusing on story and interaction. Players can create a character of nearly limitless mythical races and enter the world of Another Earth, an alternate reality where the mythical and technical collide.

In 2058, the emerging megacity of New Orleans collapsed, quite literally, as rising sea levels eventually grew too problematic to hold back. The area was left for almost two decades before the vampire realm of Azteca moved agents into the region, working with surviving locals. In 2085 Azteca announced its annexation of the region and plans to rebuild the New Orleans megacity.

Work began shortly after and in the first decade of its renewed existence, Neo Orleans has grown to a large metropolitan area. Not quite large enough to be considered a ‘megacity’ it nonetheless boasts a population of nearly ten million souls from various races and cultures. Stewardship of the area was granted to one of the oldest bloodlines in Azteca. As per normal Azteca policy, corporations are allowed to conduct business within the city but have no say in legislation beyond whatever influence they can attain in political theatres.

Neo Orleans boasts a quickly growing population as it has discovered a way of providing food safely and in abundance to residents, merfolk agriculture. Azteca agents discovered a small surviving settlement of merfolk that had managed to escape the infection and the near destruction of their people around the globe. In exchange for continued protection and fair pricing, the merfolk agreed to use their knowledge of underwater farming and fishery skills to provide affordable, sustainable food for the growing city. Neo Orleans is considered a port city, both for sea and airships, and has a considerable amount of goods moving through it from Azteca and the Privateer Territories. Both commercial and private cargo companies can almost always find work as the city has been set up as the main point of export and import for the Aztecan vampire realm.

Neo Orleans falls under the protection of the Aztecan military and has a treaty for mutual defense with the local zoanthrope den and even serves as a port of call for several Trinidad Privateer Clans, working closely with their vampiric neighbors from the former Pirate territories of the Gulf and Caribbean waters. Magic use within the city, as with all Aztecan territories is not forbidden, however, registration and compliance with the regional enforcement agency are required and punishable with prison time if ignored.

At the moment the region is shut down until further notice, but feel free to come back and see how the story unfolds.

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