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Eclipse Ridge, Colorado is the small vibrant town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, with a dark secret. Explore and discover what's going on in and around the village of Eclipse Ridge,

Discover a world of shadows and secrets.

Nestled amongst the scenic peaks of the Rocky Mountains sits the small town of Eclipse Ridge, boasting a vibrant town, bountiful nature and at its very core – a dark secret. Veiled from the unsuspecting eyes of humans, a deep undercurrent of supernatural intrigue has grown with the town from its inception, intertwined with the lives of those who inhabit this quaint region, a region drenched in magic, blood, and carnal desires.

Because not all small towns sleep.

Eclipse Ridge inside Building view

Eclipse Ridge is a newly opened modern supernatural roleplaying sim located in the seemingly peaceful yet rugged Rocky Mountains in Western Colorado. Featuring Werewolves, Vampires, Shifters, Witches, and Humans, Eclipse Ridge is built upon a unique and profoundly detailed lore, with a powerful magic system built into the very fabric of the world.

Owned and operated by the Executive Board, comprising Leah Grave, Fen Blacach, and Quinn Button, with a combined experience of 46 years managing and operating roleplay sims in Second Life, Eclipse Ridge seeks to build with its players, writing and adapting lore as players chart their own legacies in this historic region.

New players can jump into any one of many opportunities, from existing businesses to the Sterling County Sheriff’s Department, Eclipse Ridge Fire Department, Medical Center, and Grave Corporation, or even start their own businesses.

Eclipse Ridge street view

Positioned on the earth’s grandest convergence of ley lines, the aptly named “Lode” stands as an alluring magnet, drawing supernatural entities from far and wide to the mountain town of Eclipse Ridge.

In Old Town, the original settlement of the Wayward Sisters, lies the apex of the Lode. The site, condemned and closely monitored by both the shadowy Grave Corporation and the Sterling County Sheriff’s Office, presents a grave risk to trespassers. Beyond the threat of legal consequences, individuals caught trespassing may encounter something far more sinister.

Eclipse Ridge country side view

In the midst of the infamous Salem Witch trials of 1692, three resilient women, the Wayward Sisters, managed to escape their impending death sentences and embarked on a journey westward, seeking sanctuary and refuge from the intense persecution they faced for practicing their craft.

In the spring of 1693, they arrived in a small valley sheltered by the immense Rocky Mountains in what would later be known as Colorado.

Sensing the potent energy from ancient ley lines, they prepared for the Sabbat of Beltane, to claim the valley as their home.

During the Sabbat, a solar eclipse converged, solidifying the sense that the Wayward Sisters had found a place of exceptional significance, inspiring the name Eclipse Ridge.

The Wayward Sisters soon understood the compelling allure of Eclipse Ridge, which was more than just a secure retreat from the outside world. Within the mountains, they discovered a cache of rubies, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires that could harness the power from the ley lines. These gems became highly coveted reservoirs for both humans and supernatural entities alike.

Eclipse Ridge decayed Farm

Through their studies, the Wayward Sisters discovered that certain attuned gemstones had the remarkable ability to heighten inherent talents. Nevertheless, this newfound power was a double-edged sword; any mishandling or misuse could result in the fragile gems shattering.

Recognizing their finite nature, they exercised great caution, treating these gems with the utmost care and respect. But they also explored taboo elements such as blood, bone, flesh, and pain as potential means of extending the gems’ power. Although these elements offered only superficial boosts, the practice is considered sacrilegious and ethically inferior.

Eclipse Ridge experienced a transformation in the mid-1800’s during the Colorado Territory’s gold rush. The quiet hamlet evolved into a bustling frontier town at the confluence of thriving gold and silver operations. The town’s destiny was shaped by the saloons, brothels, drunken brawls, and violence that characterized its wild and untamed atmosphere.

Given its isolation and relative freedom from the ire of outside government, Eclipse Ridge had become an epicenter for supernatural activity in the Western United States. Unfettered access to the wilderness and a steady stream of transient workers and visitors, of whom a few would go missing, a fact which was almost to be expected amidst the turmoil and tragedy of the region’s time, and as a result, would not be too severely questioned nor investigated.

Eclipse Ridge Bistro

As the decades wore on, the influence of the Federal Government irrevocably crept into the region, hand in hand with the great American pastime of capitalism. For Eclipse Ridge, that came in the form of mining consortiums, most notably the Grave Consolidated Surveying & Mining Corporation, now known simply as the Grave Corporation, which, in time, bartered, bullied, and bought a controlling interest in every mining operation in the region.

Beneath the guise of a mining corporation, Grave Corporation conceals its nefarious ambitions. Outwardly, they project a fiercely protective stance over their mining claims, engaging in endless battles with environmentalists and governmental agencies. However, this facade serves as a distraction from their true objective: exploiting Eclipse Ridge as a secret laboratory for their sinister experiments. Grave Corporation seeks to unravel the mysteries of the gemstones and the mystical Lode, aiming to harness their power and establish absolute dominion over supernatural entities.

In the late 1980s, Eclipse Ridge bore a haunting resemblance to the vibrant town it once was. Residents were migrating away, businesses were shutting down, and the supernatural population that Grave Corp relied upon for experimenting was gradually moving towards more urban areas.

Eclipse Ridge ruins

As the new millennium dawned, Grave Corp made substantial investments in revitalizing and gentrifying Eclipse Ridge. This strategic move not only attracted residents back to the town but also enticed tourists who flocked to the area. Consequently, this influx of people also drew back the supernatural creatures that had once called Eclipse Ridge home.

Now, beneath the surface of the quaint mountain town, the unseen current of supernatural intrigue continues to entangle itself with the lives of its residents. A region drenched in magic, blood, and primeval desires shrouded from the unsuspecting eyes of its human population.

Eclipse Ridge is the town that never sleeps.

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