Expiration of free Featured Shops

March 24, 2019 in
Announcement of changes, regarding the Featured Shop listings. Starting End of May 2019

To add more value for GridAffairs visitors, shop owners and event organizers, whenever it is possible, we list the shops participating in the events. So people could easy see which of their favorite shops can be found at which event.

Until the writing of this post we have listed over 2900 SL Shops we found participating in events we listed here on GridAffairs. An amazing and unexpected amount, which by far surpassed our expectation when we started.

As an additional value we then built our Shop Directory, so visitors easier can find shops that are actively developing new content. As the shop details provide direct links to the Inworld Shop, SL Marketplace and the shops individual online presences (Website, Flickr etc) it became a valuable feature for shop owners and customers.

But given the quantity of shops listed by now, some shops deserved to stand out more and as an experiment we added the option to feature the shop with a banner and a premium positioning before the non featured shops in the Shop Directory and as well in the event listings.

To test the acceptance of this feature we offered it for free to selected shops and shops with one of our subscriber kiosks in their Inworld locations.

Unfortunately we have to announce, that the free offers will be expiring by end of of May 2019!

So if you like to have your shop featured after the 31st of May 2019, you will need to book this feature for an affordable fee on an annual base. The details can be found here! This will help us to stay in the cloud and providing a premium service to the Second Life® Event Communities.

Shop Owners with a well visible placed GridAffairs Subscriber Kiosk in their Inworld location will receive a 20% Discount!

If you don't have a GridAffairs Subscriber Kiosk in your location, we offer a limited time 20% Discount offer for bookings before the 20th of May.

This will not affect the sidebar ads and other ad spaces on GridAffairs.com

For any questions regarding this change, feel free to contact Juna Villiers via IM or NC
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