GridAffairs 1st Anniversary

March 20, 2019 in
It was a quite a ride! What started out as a simple list evolved into a full blown online project. Find out a bit about the facts and the challenges we had to tackle during this journey.

Time passes fast. About a year ago the idea of GridAffairs was born. The core idea back then was to have a simple list showing the running events in Second Life® and since then it evolved gradually to what it is now.

After a first Prototype the site got more then just an optical make up, also the engine got tuned for a better user experience and the simple list turned into this Website which increasingly  became a valuable resource for residents, shop owners and event organizers.

A freely available HUD was developed, which shows inworld all the actual running events listed on the site with a direct teleport link to the events without leaving the viewer.

And last but not least with the help of our friends we could set up a network of around 160 Subscriber Kiosks all over the grid where everyone can subscribe to receive our news and pick up the free Gridaffairs Hud.

While making all this happen we also published over 1000 events and built up a list having over 2900 Second Life® shops participating in the listed events. This means all these shops where actively maintained during the last year and you will find a who is who in our Shop Directory.

What's up next?

  • While running the site, we noticed that it might be a bit slow for US West Coast- and Asia/Pacific located Residents.
    This will be addressed by moving to a more powerful hosting until summer.
  • We gradually will move away from the Sidebar advertisement spaces and replace them by sponsored Articles to deliver a better and sustainable value to the active SL community.
    This will start immediately by keeping the running ads and adding the sponsored Articles. Call Juana Villiers Inworld about more details.
  • We will publish more valuable Info's for residents, event organizers and shop owners on GridAffairs
    For this we look out for talented bloggers with excellent SL™ experiences and skills. Guest Bloggers will be welcome too. More details are following soon.

This all should keep us busy for a bit while we will improve GridAffairs wherever it is possible.


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