The Venue - Elite Club and Lounge

June 10, 2020 in
Not the usual hangout, The Venue Elite Club & Lounge is a wonderful place where you can find amazing music, the best DJ's and live singers, or you can just explore to meet like minded people and socialize in a classy environment.

The Venue Elite is a novelty in Second Life and it's designed to be an upscale adult hangout, an elite club & lounge for people looking for a classy environment where they can relax and have fun.

It's definitely not easy to find the perfect, exclusive place to hang out at, with like-minded individuals who care about good conversation as much as they care about their own appearance.

At The Venue there are multiple scenarios guests and visitors can explore to find what suits their tastes, a stunning beach, disco, spa, lounge, game room decorated in several themes to suit the most exclusive tastes.

The Venue offers also so many gorgeous spots where they can take pictures if they're so inspired, as all the locations have been accurately decorated with great care, choosing only the best furniture.

The Lounge is a place, where patrons can simply hang out at engaging the other guests in conversation and banter.

The Beach and the Lounge are the designated places for all the musical events, where everyone will have fun also thanks to the Trivia games that never allow anybody to be victims of boredom.

You can check the website to be informed about the upcoming events or join the Discord channel for a nice chat!

You can find all the info here:



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