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We love to publish your events for free, but please accept that we can't handle submissions which arrive less than 2 weeks before the Event Start Date.

Attention: Shop sales and -hunt events will only be accepted by Shops listed in the GridAffairs Shop Directory and having a GridAffairs Subscriber Kiosk for more then 12 weeks in their location.

Just make a notecard with the name: Event to list at GridAffairs - (Event Name) and fill it with the event infos like the template below.

Contact Person (SL Resident Name only):

Event Title:

Why your event should deserve the attention to be listed on GridAffairs?


Event Description: Tell what makes your event special and attractive for the SL residents? (at least 50 words)


List of Event Participants (Shops, Artists..)

  • Shop Name, Owner Resident Name
  • Are the shops and Designers participating in your event Original Content Creators ?
  • Artist Resident name

Event Type:

Is your event a Fair, Treasure Hunt, Educational Event, Festival, Art-, Music- or Live Performance ?

Event Start Date:

Event Start Time SLT:

Event End Date:

Event Location SLURL:

Event Website:

Event Logo: 512x512px:

The Logo Image needs to have modify, copy, transfer permissions

Please send the complete info's Inworld in a notecard to Juana Villiers

Incomplete notes will not be attended!

In case of any doubts, please contact us Inworld with a notecard


Texts and images provided must be of PG or MODERATE nature.

Adult material will NOT be accepted for publication.

Submissions may be declined, or withdrawn without notice, or refund, for any of the following reasons:

  • DMCA and IP Infringements
  • Pointing to deceptive offers
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Start Date: Dec-08-2019

End Date: Jan-06-2020

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End Date: Dec-14-2019

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Start Date: Nov-25-2019

End Date: Dec-22-2019

SaNaRae - November / December 2019

Start Date: Nov-26-2019

End Date: Dec-17-2019

The Arcade - December 2019

Start Date: Dec-01-2019

End Date: Dec-31-2019

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