Tip 2 Toe (formerly Changed Seasons ) participates in the following Events:
Uber Event Logo 2020
Start Date: October 25, 2020
End Date: November 22, 2020

uber SL is a monthly designer fair for all those who want to keep updated with the actual state of the art of SL by new and renown...

Bundle of Dove Deja Boooo Event October 2020
Start Date: October 16, 2020
End Date: October 31, 2020

Is it a total Deja Booooooooooo this Halloween 2020? Lets find out at BUNDLES .... with Dove - it is a scary HALLOWEEN DEJA BOOOOO...

Twe12ve Event
Start Date: October 12, 2020
End Date: October 31, 2020

TWE12VE Event surprises you every month with a new theme! Are you curious how the designers will interpret this theme and what the...

EB The Mad Circus 6 October 2020
Start Date: October 10, 2020
End Date: October 31, 2020

The Mad Circus is not your "typical" Halloween theme! The theme of the event is HALLOWEEN, DARK, TWISTED, ALICE IN WONDERLAND,...

The Gacha Life
Start Date: October 5, 2020
End Date: October 31, 2020

This is Halloween baby! Anything that scares you and what your nightmares are about, waits just around the dark corners. It doesn'...

EB Boo Bunny Hunt 9 October 2020
Start Date: October 3, 2020
End Date: October 31, 2020

Trick or treat - this hunt is a halloween/fall themed hunt. The hunt prim is a piece of candy. You find the hunt hints here

Latest News
Sensual Decores by Madison Gardner
Madison wants everyone to see how creators creations can be brought together in Her Eclectic, Elegant and Charming Visual Display that anyon...
COCOON, the hidden Space Station
COCOON is a Space Station orbiting around the earth, where Freighter Crews, Smugglers and Gangs of all kind meet in constant conflict with M...
Featured Events
Now Running
Rocky Horror Halloween - October 2020

Start Date: Oct-03-2020

End Date: Oct-31-2020

Dirty Little Secrets Hunt - 11th Anniversary - Oct. / Nov. 2020

Start Date: Oct-25-2020

End Date: Nov-25-2020

The Harambee Woodland Hunt - October 2020

Start Date: Oct-01-2020

End Date: Oct-31-2020

We Love Roleplay - October 2020

Start Date: Oct-04-2020

End Date: Oct-31-2020

Manly Arena Event - October / November 2020

Start Date: Oct-10-2020

End Date: Nov-03-2020

Collabor88 - October 2020

Start Date: Oct-08-2020

End Date: Nov-06-2020

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