My 60L Secret starts every Friday at 12.01 AM SLT and goes on until Monday 11.59PM SLT offering you great 60 L Deals from a changing list of participating stores.

You will find a list with the participating stores on the Website or Subscribe and receive every every weekend a note card with the actual list.

Manly Weekend is a sale event made for Men.

As there is a need for more items for Men and products in Second Life® this group provides a weekly list of specific offers from a changing selection of original content creators.

Participating Men’s Designers will setup a high quality item for 50 L$. Every Friday 12:00 AM SLT – Sunday 11:59: PM SLT

Also known as the 50L Friday, every week a changing group of selected designers will place one of their products at the front of their store at a bargain price of 50L.

Start into a great Weekend, finding amazing 50L$ Deals and surprises!

Please join the group to receive the list of participating stores each week!

Go bargain hunting during the weekend with great Offers from Friday through Sunday.

The bargain hunters will receive a convenient sales HUD every Friday via the group notices, subscriber and marketplace.

See the best deals in a convenient way by using the HUD. No notecards, no textures to copy into your inventory!

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