The all new GridAffairs Subscriber Kiosk

August 9, 2019 in
It was needed long time ago and finally it is here: The all new GridAffairs Subscriber Kiosk, carefully crafted by Hattie Panacek from Ex Machina!

As we like to just bring you the best, we where aware that the old Subscriber Kiosk was short of being an eye-soar and that it needed to be replaced rather sooner then later to keep the pace with the increased sophistication of the SL event scene.

But a site like GridAffairs can keep one quite busy and so the task of updating the Kiosk fell behind a bit.

Gladly, Hattie from Ex Machina stepped up and offered her precious help by carefully crafting the Kiosk in the two versions you can se below.

The functionality of the Subscriber Kiosk remains basically the same:

  • You can get the FREE GridAffairs Events HUD for a convenient inworld navigation to the actual running events,
  • Subscribe/ Unsubscribe to receive our FREE Weekend News
  • Last but not least - get to our Site to see the full list of running and upcoming quality events.

Maybe the biggest change will be that you might be searching the Unsubscribe Button.

To Unsubscribe simply click on the Subscribe button, which brings up the menu in the top right corner where you can unsubscribe from the list or even look for recently missed messages.

You will find all the great places of appreciated friends that help us and have a GridAffairs Subscriber Kiosk right here or in the GridAffairs Events HUD. To get to the places, simply click on the "Teleport" button below the location name.

In this place we also like to thank Sasun Steinbeck from SasTech for her most excellent and competent support of the subscriber system we use for the kiosks and sending you the weekly newsletter inworld.

Important changes for Kiosk Owners:

Kiosks will only be available for Shop Owners listed in the GridAffairs Shop Directory and Event Organizers

Shop Owners with the NEW GridAffairs Subscriber Kiosk will benefit in the following form:

  • The Shops will be featured for FREE in the Shop Directory and in all the Events listed on GridAffairs where the Shop participates, during the time they have the kiosk rezzed at a well visible and accessible place in their store.
  • FREE listing of Shop Events like sales, new product launches and other temporary events that last longer then 3 days and less then 3 weeks.
  • And of course the Kiosk with your Shop- / Event Logo will be listed here and in the GridAffairs Events HUD as usual.
  • Additional we enhanced the HUD to display also a list of all featured Shops with a direct teleport link to the shop.

If you are a Shop Owner who is listed in the GridAffairs Shop Directory and want to benefit from the above mentioned additional and free promotion for your shop, please contact Juana Villiers Inworld via a Notecard with the title "GridAffairs Kiosk Request" and we will get in touch with you.

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